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You probably have noticed that the activity at the Role Play Media Network has waned a bit in the last few months. There are still a few dedicated people who cross-post their reviews and blog posts here or make use of the integrated discussion forums. Thank you for that!

But the overall activity is pretty low considering this network is over 600 members strong. That's why I (with support of Berin, of course) want to try to make the network cool and interesting again. Some friends and I have been throwing a couple of ideas around, and if everything works as planned, you'll see some cool new things around here soon. If you have some ideas yourself, please let me know. Any help is highly appreciated!

In order to show that things are moving again, I changed the appearance of the site and enabled a feature that allows new and existing users to sign in using their Google and Yahoo credentials. This should make things a bit more comfortable for some of you. I'll try to enable the Facebook login feature later.

But of course all this will not help without you, our members. That's why I wholeheartedly invite you to make the RPMN your own. Use it in the way it suits you best. We'll try to help you with this in any way possible. Welcome back to the RPMN and enjoy your stay!

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Berin enabled Facebook integration for the site. You can now login using your Facebook credentials.

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